Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This has the full set. Original and all expansions! All working CD keys!

This is just a rebuild off of two different torrents, and credit is given to both parties in the ReadMe file. If there is anything that isn't working, please leave a comment and let me know.

The entire thing has been scanned and there are no viruses and/or trojans.

Thank you for choosing Khaos Industries for your Gaming and App needs! =D
Sims2: Deluxe
Sims2: University
Sims2: Christmas Party Pack (aka Holiday Party Pack for UK version of Sims2)
Sims2: Open For Business
Sims2: Family Fun Stuff
Sims2: Glamour Life Stuff
Sims2: Pets
Sims2: Happy Holiday Stuff
Sims2: Seasons
Sims2: Celebration Stuff
Sims2: H&M Stuff
Sims2: Bon Voyage
Sims2: Teen Style Stuff
Sims2: Free Time
Sims2: Kitchen And Bath Interior Design Stuff
Sims2: IKEA Home Stuff
Sims2: Free Time patch
Sims2: Apartment Life
Sims2: Apartment Life Patch
Sims2: Mansion And Garden Stuff

All expansions!

Deluxe has Sims 2 and Nightlife all in one!

Download Here


  1. For those who may have Insert CD problem then download Daemon tools lite and mount it , it should fix the problem.

  2. Works fine thanks man

  3. Mostly worked fine except for the IKEA stuff so I had to google for keys. And also the University exp pack... it is installed but disabled inside the gameplay. hmmm...
    For people who were having "insert original cd" problem, here is how I made it work:
    Since the cd images are numbered, install them all first according to order. I assume the last you will install is the IKEA Home stuff. Then when finished, copy the crack found in cd of FreeTime and paste it to the folder where you installed it. Change the original file's extension name to .BAK in case you need it. Now run the IKEA Home Stuff.
    Hope it works for you! Have fun!
    Thanks people!

  4. Works awesome! thx uploader!

  5. Everything works like a charm, thanks my 9 year old is loving this and me too. She was getting sick of Sims 1 and the expansions.Pity it does not include Apartment Life though the final expansion. Still download was fast and everything works even on Windows 7.

  6. Mount base game with Daemon Tools Lite, install, then install w/e other games you want, but make sure Freetime is left for last. Follow instructions in Sims 2 installation. Make sure you do not download EA download manager (if it asks).

  7. just downloaded most of the EPs. when i try to open one, it says to insert the Freetime. I do, and it doesn't bother opening. Suggestions anyone?

    1. I'm pretty sure you have to make Freetime the last one you installed. I had another torrent like this one years ago and it was the problem with the same solution. Try re-installing with Freetime as the last one you installed and the base game the first one.