Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012


BitDefenderTotal Security 2012 - complete protection against viruses, spyware, hackers and other cyber threats that could lead toidentity theft, data loss and decreased performance. BitDefender TotalSecurity ranks first in the middle of the competition witheffective spam and virus, firewall theavailability robust tools to optimize backup systems in a single package.

Given friendly interface for novice users and a minimum load systemresources, BitDefender can be considered as one of the best in thefield of security products at the time. There are three modes: basic, standard and enhanced. As the complexity of the functions in theirincreases. In every way (as if at any time may change) is set ASHOME window, in which some features are deleted as unnecessary in thebackground, while the rest are activated.

Antivirus and conventional fairvolas conservation instruments to protect against mostthreats, but the functionality of the system can do better. The mainpurpose Bitdefender Total Security 2012 - to ensure that personal data securityof to find vulnerabilities in the system and keep children controlover.

BitDefender Total Security 2012: 
Main components:
Antivirus and antispyware
Phishing Protection
Encryption Chats
Quick Scan
Network Family Protection
Check the Smart Scan
Smart Planner Calendar
Intelligent Help
Smart Sense
Parental Control
Encrypt Files
Online Spare Copy
Performance Optimization
Personal Toolbar

New! Recovery Mode
Restart your computer in an environment of trust, which is used to clean and restore the system
New! Virtual Browser
isolatesfrom an Internet browser on the Windows operating system to block environmentprovided by Bitdefender Internet threats
New! Autopilot
provides the best way to keep users without the paper
New! The protection of social networks
filter the links you get from your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and controls the properties of confidentiality
New! Scan Manager
scanningsystem standby. How to start applying the resources fallsbelow a certain threshold, thus avoiding the impact on systemperformance
New! Integrated services cloudy
Global real-time data between servers and exchangein BitDefender BitDefender 2012ensures joke identify new online threats such as viralepidemics and large flows of spam.
File Synchronization
BitDefenderTotal Security 2012 offers a safe place that allows synchronizefiles between teams (eg between your desktop andlaptop). Changes made in one system is automatically used to othersystems.
Online Spare Copy
Updated online tracking copyfile spare track the status of capital and simultaneously copied to the server aremote harmless. BitDefender Total Security 2012 comes with a 2GBonline hranliboscha.
Customizable Interface
Drag and drop modules that allow you to access the actions most often made directly from the main program window.
Control of active virus
monitoring the behavior of the trigger actions to detect new and unknown viruses
Vulnerability Scanner
inspects equipment for safety programs that are missing or not updated, as well as potentially dangerous system options
block mail from unwanted electrical messages - trash
Two-way firewall
monitoring of internet connections, protecting Wi-Fi approval
Parental Control
block unwanted Internet content, restrict access to certain time intervals, allows parents to control the activity of children on the Internet
Improved! Safe Search
warns of dangerous websites in search results of Google and Bing
The individual data filter
Fundamental data leakage predutverzhdaet computer
Protection from phishing and identity theft, credit card blocking fraudulent web sites
Encryption Chats
keeps your conversations private Messenger
Ease of Installation
BitDefender Total Security 2012 is installed with a few clicks, occupying half the time required for the previous version.

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