Sunday, April 22, 2012

GarageBand Jam Pack: Remix Tools - Musical Instruments Loops

GarageBand is a software application for Mac OS X and iOS that allows users to create music or podcasts. It is developed by Apple Inc. as a part of the iLife software package on Mac OS X.

Flex Time and Groove Matching are powerful tools that help you improve the rhythm and feel of your recordings. You can fix the timing of a note. Tighten the groove of your tracks. And easily create a great-sounding song.

Flex Time is a new tool that lets you quickly change the timing of your recording, so your song has perfect rhythm. Something sounds a little off? Use Flex Time to fix timing mistakes on the fly. Just click and drag any part of a waveform to change the timing of a note or beat. You can move, stretch, or shorten individual notes without changing the good parts of your recording. And Flex Time is great for creative inspiration: Extend guitar riffs, alter vocals, try different rhythms, and get new ideas. Your Flex Time edits are highlighted so you can easily see your changes. Click the Flex Time button at any time to compare your edits with the original performance.

Groove Matching brings all your tracks together beautifully. Just select any track in your song and make it the Groove Track, and all other tracks instantly match it. If not every track needs adjusting, you can choose only the tracks you want. Groove Matching helps Apple Loops fit the feel of your song even better, too.

Complete Loops:

GarageBand Jam Pack: Remix Tools
GarageBand Jam Pack: Rhythm Section
GarageBand Jam Pack: Symphony Orchestra
GarageBand Jam Pack: World Music
GarageBand Jam Pack: Voices

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  1. I'm getting an error message saying "invalid checksum" when trying to install this. Any ideas how to get around this?

  2. This works and is awesome! No problems, easy to install. Thanks so much!!!

  3. Worked great! Thanks! Glad I download this.. not exactly what I thought. Good for loops and has some good drums, but not much else... Installed worked fine though (just took forever to download!)