Sunday, April 29, 2012

ExtremeCopy 2.1.0 - Extremely Fast

ExtremeCopy is a Windows copy file tool which copy file and move extremely fast and operation is simple the same as Windows Explorer default file copier,it can increase speed 20% ~ 120% faster than Windows's default file copier for copy file. ExtremeCopy can integrate into Windows seamlessly as copy tool, learn more features.

What's benefit can I get from ExtremeCopy?
Copy file and folder as usual and high efficiency and more powerful. Good for your backup file routine .
Save much time when you backup files to another hard drive or USB drive or computer
Manage your copy file task easily

New Upgrade in ExtremeCopy 2.1.0
Added queue for multiple tasks running in the same time if operate same storage
Added bug report feature once ExtremeCopy crash
Added auto check latest version
More options in configuration
Fixed some bugs

Download Here


  1. Perfect!!!!!
    1GB files transfer rate 15 - 20 mb/second
    windows 7 only 3 - 6 mb

  2. extreme copy over wifi stable on top speed

  3. TeraCopy
    4.87 GB 3 Minute

    4.87 GB 2.20 Minute