Monday, May 7, 2012

Aris 6 (business process management)

Aris 6 introduces the new generation of tools in the field of business process management. This most recent release offers various functionalities for designing, analysing, implementing and optimising business processes and disposes of a browser enabled Front-End. This means platform independence for users, worldwide availability, high scalability and low administration costs.

The Aris Toolset and its add-on components enable the enterprise-wide and global definition and design of business processes as well as their analysis and optimisation. In the era of e-business, with this tool you can make quick decisions about the management of e-business processes. The ARIS Toolset provides realistic simulations of resource utilisation, activity-based cost calculations (e.g. for make-or-buy decisions), as well as web-based communication of modelled and optimised company processes.

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