Saturday, September 8, 2012

Global Ops Commando Libya Free Download Game

Global Ops Commando Libya (c) bitComposer Games

 07-10-2011........Release Date <-> Protection.............Nothing
 Action...............Game Type <-> Disk(s)..................1 DVD


January 21, 1968: A B-52G bomber carrying four thermo nuclear bombs,
crashes into the icy Arctic waters of North Star Bay near Thule
Airbase. The search party finds the wreck and three of the bombs, but
the fourth is missing.

Presence: The notorious Russian Mafia boss and arms dealer Yebievdenko
has a new toy for sale, an atom bomb. The CIA learns of his plans to
sell it to a Libyan ruler, and the fears are that it will be used in a
terrorist attack against the USA as revenge for the American
involvement in the Libyan conflict.

As a member of the US special unit, it is now up to you to stop the
deal taking place and to retrieve the bomb. A race against time has
begun: the trail leads across Greenland and North Africa directly to
Libya, which is being torn apart by civil war.


Action-packed game with a background story with a contemporary
storyline: the Libyan conflict is a central part of the plot

Dynamic 3rd-person action with a vast array of realistic, modern

Vivid and exotic settings in Greenland, North Africa and Libya

Stunning graphics using Unreal 3 technology

Nine single player levels with around 8 hours of gameplay

3 different multiplayer modes for up to 10 players provide
uncompromising multiplayer action: Death Match, Team Death Match,

Diverse missions provide constant variety in the course of the plot:
urban warfare, vehicle combat, secret missions, guerilla activities and


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